POINT 19 | La ligne bleue#HamiltonVilleAccueillante
HUTCH’S HARBOUR FRONT 325 Bay St N, Hamilton

For a retro stop!

"For a retro stop, we treat ourselves to a brown bag of greasy fries or even an ice cream cone, the kind that creates indelible summer memories."

 Generations of Hamiltonians have certainly salivated like Pavlov's dogs at the unique silhouette of this snack bar, with its little turret and big Hutch's sign. It's so retro, it's cash only!

We come back during the cold season to warm up our stomachs with one of their famous "fish & chips". The menu is varied for such a small establishment with a few tables inside and picnic tables outside.

Note that the best way for digesting our fries is to then head down to Bayfront Park to walk its 2 km loop trail.


 A family affair

It was Bill Hutchinson Sr. who opened the first Hutch's (one can understand his choice of name). He had acquired Dingley Dell Cottages in 1946 (on the site of Adventure Village in Confederation Park facing Lake Ontario). A counter serving hamburgers and hot dogs was a logical extension. Fish and chips came later.

Having resisted the expropriations of the 1960s by the Hamilton Conservation Authority to create its attractions, Hutchinson abdicated and built a new restaurant at 280 Van Wagners Beach Rd, 800 metres away, taking care to replicate the decor, for the continued enjoyment of its customers.

Bill Hutchinson Jr. took over when his father died in 1997, eventually opening Hutch's Harbour Front, another successful initiative.



 Bayfront Park and its surroundings

The Bayfront Park trail is a 2 km loop. Very nice, it offers beautiful views on the yacht club and the bay, frequented by swans and many ducks.

Those who would like to go further can take the Waterfront Trail at the foot of the park and walk 2.3 km to the Fishway under the bridge.

You can do it on foot, but the bike paths around the park are very tempting. Following the waterfront along the Waterfront Trail to Piers 4 to 8 will add over 4 km round trip. You'll find Hamilton Bike Share bikes not far from the boat launch.

Note that there are washrooms in the white building with a terrace adjacent to the parking lot.

TO POINT 20...    

(Distance = 280 metres)

Retrace your steps on Bay St N. Cross back over at Stuart St and continue south on Bay St N. Turn east on Murray St W (Corso Racalmuto) and walk to 72 Murray St W.